Books children and young adults

Hans Bouman has written a number of books for children and young adults, both fiction and non-fiction. Among them are:

Tomio en de ondeugende olifant
(Tomio and the Naughty Elephant)

Tomio is a ginger cat, living in the outskirts of Animal Village. He always has a jolly good time with his friends Honeybelly and Coldclaw – two kind, if at times somewhat clumsy, bears – and clever Barky the dog. One day, the four friends want to pay a visit to the Wise Penguin, who lives in the White Forest, together with his little nephews Pinky, Panky and Punky. But when Tomio and his friends arrive at his home, the Wise Penguin seems to have vanished in thin air! The animals decide to start a search. On their way, they are joined by Lydia, a little fairy they have met before, and Mopsy the squirrel, who owns a hot air balloon. With this balloon, all of them travel to the desert city of Sandathand. So far so good… But then, one very, very early morning, they are awakened by a terrible noise. A huge elephant appears to be rolling and dancing in the street. What is he up to? Eric the Elephant turns out to be a good natured street juggler, but something is bothering him. And something is bothering the good animals of Sandathand as well! Why does Eric insist on using their precious china, in order to do his tricks? Still, the naughty elephant proves to be a very useful help in solving the problem: where is the Wise Penguin? (Age 4-9)

Spoken bestaan
(Ghosts are for real. In Search of the Truth about Ghosts and Spirits)

Statistics tell us that, even in our modern and rational western world, some 50% of the people believe in ghosts. Does this mean that some ghost stories are true? Does clairvoyance really exist? What are poltergeists? Are there, indeed, people who can make objects fly? Are all mediums frauds? Does thought photography exist? Hans Bouman wanted to find out. He slept in a haunted house in England, visited places in England en the Netherlands where ghosts are said to have appeared, tried to get into contact with the deceased, put clairvoyants to the test and talked to scientists who are seriously researching supernatural phenomena.
This is a book for children aged 12 and over, and for anyone who wants to know more about ghosts and the supernatural.

Tomio en zijn vriendjes
(Tomio and His Friends)

This is the first book in the Tomio series. It introduces the main characters, Tomio the ginger cat, his beary friends Honeybelly and Coldclaw, and Barky the dog. Their adventures take them to cold and snowy Winterland, where a nasty old witch is playing a very nasty game indeed.

Tomio en het lachmonster
(Tomio and the Laughing Monster)

One day, Tomio and his friends are invited by uncle MacMac, a plump good-natured cat who lives in a huge castle, very far away. It often rains in the country of uncle MacMac. But fortunately, in a nearby clouds start smiling and the sun always appears. But one day, something strange happens. The little monster appears to be sad and the rain never stops falling. Can Tomio and his friends cheer the little creature up?

De avonturen van Tomio
(Tomio’s Adventures)

This is a bind­up of both Tomio and His Friends and Tomio and the Laughing Monster.
All Tomio books are illustrated by Harmen van Straaten.

The first two books and the bind-up were originally written under the pseudonym Boudewijn Alders.